Soil Survey and Classification

PES provides soil survey and classification services in accordance with USDA Soil Classification System. GIS-based maps are prepared delineating the soil types and land uses.

Soil Contamination Assessment

PES conducts soil sampling and chemical analysis at associate laboratory to determine contamination status of soils in terms of organic and inorganic contaminants including heavy metals and hydrocarbons. GIS-based maps are prepared delineating the contamination status throughout a particular landscape.

Soil Modelling

PES has capabilities in assessing soil contaminant transport and impact on groundwater and the marine environment. Based on predictions of modelling, our clients are able to make more accurate decisions with regards to their operations impact on the environment and introduce measures to prevent environmental degradation.

Soil Remediation

PES conducts soil remediation of various contaminants. Based on contaminant type, whether volatile, organic, or inorganic, soils can be remediated in-situ or ex-situ. Through the use of advanced technologies, soils can be either removed from site and decontaminated or treated without removal.