Ground water decontamination

PES is capable of performing groundwater contamination through employing special technologies, by conducting hydrogeological investigations initially, which is the base for a computer hydrodynamic model of the location is designed, then areas of the pollution are mapped out, and after identification of level of contamination, the cleaning (decontamination) process is designed to suite the level of contamination, and then executed on site via an experienced team using top of the line proprietary designed technologies and equipment.

Surface water remediation

PES is capable of performing remediation of surface of water areas and coastal zones such as; containment of oil spills, collection of oil slick by regular collection means, removal of residual oil film, treatment of the contaminated coastal zones, cleaning bottom of reservoirs from various sediments, cleaning marine habitat from various contaminants.

Soil Decontamination & Remediation

PES conducts soil remediation of various contaminants, based on contaminant type; whether volatile, organic, or inorganic, soils can be remediated in-situ or ex-situ. Through the use of advanced technologies, soils can be either removed from site and decontaminated or treated without removal.

Relevant Projects