RATA is the Relative Accuracy Test Audit which validates the air emissions data measured by Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS). RATA compares data from a facility’s CEMS to concurrently collected reference method. Air emitting facilities in Qatar are required to validate data from CEMS to ensure emissions are within limits for Consent to Operate renewal as issued by the Ministry of Environment. Our methods are in accordance with U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols.


PES operates its own mobile hi-tech unit of RATA capable of validating readings of CEMS of oil and gas facilities. Air emissions include oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, and sulphur dioxide.

PES' RATA team is highly qualified and experienced team including a team leader with a QSTI certificate

QSTI Accredited

PES personnel have passed Qualified Source Test individual ("QSTI”) exams and are QSTI Qualified. The goal of the Source Evaluation Society ("SES”) QSTI exam and abilities assessment is to determine whether the candidate demonstrates knowledge and the ability to apply source testing methods and fundamental engineering and chemistry principles in a manner consistent with tha t of a field test team leader.


We design emissions test programs and perform stack testing using EPA reference test methods as well as state of the art sampling techniques to provide our clients with accurate, meaningful and quality data CEMS that are permanently installed for selected processes require initial and periodic quality assurance audit tests to ensure that they are functioning properly and reporting emissions accurately.

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